Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving/It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

I can't believe it's already December! This year seemed to fly right over my head! I hate how that happens.

First things first, for Thanksgiving this year we didn't do much. My Dad was flying into town on black Friday so my brother, sister, and I decided we'd rather not attempt to make thanksgiving dinner but just wait for my Dad to cook it for us when he came. So with no plans on Thanksgiving day itself, we decided at the last minute to go to the Unga's house for dinner. It was some great food, fun games, beautiful music, and good company!

My Dad made us our traditional Thanksgiving feast with turkey, his amazing stuffing, gravy, cranberries, and mashed potatoes. I wouldn't mind having my dad's thanksgiving cooking for the rest of my life!

While my dad was here, we set up our tree and Sela, Sinalei, and Micah were here to help. I love my yummy smelling christmas tree! We did the fake tree last year and I will NEVER do that again! There are some things I don't want to compromise on, no matter how much less of a hassle or how much cheaper it may be. I've always had a fresh tree growing up and I want my kids to have the same.

Semisi drove home to California with my dad and now it's Manase, Leila, and I. It's amazing how much smaller our family seems with one person missing! Granted, that one person is the life of the party, but you get my point. I miss my baby, but I'm loving how easy one baby is! Manase and I feel like we're a childless couple again! Leila's such a good little calm girl. We've gone to dinner twice this week, our good friend Sete Aulai's wedding, and even a movie! And she's been an angel through it all. I'm kind of glad we have some alone time to spend with our Leila and show her some special attention. Here's some fun pictures of our babygirl from this week so far!Hangin' out watching Mom and Dad eat at Chili's...just watched "The Blindside"

After Sete's wedding, waiting for our table at Outback Steakhouse

Getting ready for bed. I keep trying to catch a pic of her smiling, but she always stares at the camera like its a foreign object thats gonna eat her!

Sleeping soundly without her big brother around to wake her up.

On a side note, I've decided that she's old enough to have her hair tied back. Her hair was outta control and getting way too long to just let go free. I love the little pigtails! It makes her look like so much older! It kinda throws people off because she's so little but has a head of hair like a three year old! haha

Saturday, November 28, 2009

BYU vs UofU 2009

It was that time of year again! BYU won 26-23 in overtime for Manase's final game in Lavell Edwards stadium. It was a bittersweet day for our whole family. We worked hard to get back to BYU this year and it was worth every minute. I'm SOOOO glad we ended Manase's career on such a high note, not to mention it felt pretty good beating the Utes. :) We have one more bowl game left, but I must say...we will truly miss BYU Football. It makes me so sad to think that I will never go to another game at LES to watch my #11 play. It was so much fun while it lasted and we only have some exciting things coming up for us in the future!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 Months

Our little Leila is now 2 months old! Goodness how the time flies!
So far she...

*smiles on command
*talks nonstop...whether you're talking to her or not! Even if I'm yelling at the TV or talking to Manase, we'll suddenly hear her start chiming in. lol
*has become accustomed to nursing and REFUSES to take a bottle
*sleeps 12 hours a night (which Mommy LOVES!!)
*has learned to love her swing (another plus for mommy)
*has begun to know when you're paying attention to her and when you're not, and DEMANDS your attention
*she stops crying when she hears me walk in the room to pick her up
*STILL despises bathing. as soon as she feels the water, she screams like someone's killing her!
*holds her head up amazingly well! she can even sit in her bumbo already!
*every once in a while SHE LAUGHS! def my fave of the month...

She's our little "fie'ilo" or "nosy" girl. She always wants to be held sitting up so she can look around and see what everyone's doing. She likes to watch the colors on the tv and loves listening to music, just like her brother. She's definitely our little petite baby. We call her a pixie. Everything about her is tiny!(except her hefty appetite! I swear I don't know where it all goes!) It's new to us, as may of you remember Semisi was and still is a monster child! At her checkup she was 10.5lbs (36%), 23in (53%), and her head is 15.25 in (48%)...she sure is different from Semisi and all his 99% stats! But we love our little bug. She cracks me up everyday..she's such a little chatterbox. I can't wait until she can play with her big brother, and he can't seem to be able to wait either!

Monday, October 5, 2009


I know this is super late...but the kids are sleeping and I was making my rounds...I thought I should document Leila's birth before I forget all the little details, at least for posterity. So, I'll start with a couple pictures and if you don't wanna read the don't have to.

Leila was originally due on September 19th but we knew she would probably be a little earlier than that. Actually, my doctor was surprised I even made it past 38 weeks. I was dialated 1+ cm at 35 weeks and by 38 I was nearly completely effaced and 3cm. Semisi had been staying with my parents in California for a couple weeks so I could get some rest and when I hit 39 weeks and still no baby, my mom decided to just drive here to Utah with Semisi and just wait for the baby to come. With Semisi, I called my mom when I knew I was in labor and she hopped on a plane to make it in time for delivery. Unfortunately, Semisi was a little impatient and I delivered him just as she pulled into the parking lot. I know, bummer huh. So with this pregnancy, obviously my mom didn't wanna miss it. She arrived here with Semisi and my brother Duke around midnight Sunday night. She also wanted to rush here because I have two nieces with LOTS of clothes so she had to bring all the clothes here from California. My SIL did such a good job of organizing and taking care of the clothes...i didnt really have to buy a thing! We just traded clothes since I was having my girl and she was having her boy.

So my mom and I stayed up putting all the clothes away and talking story. We went to bed around 130am and I felt fine. At 4:00am on the dot, I woke up with some discomfort that felt alot like a contraction. I turned over to see if the pain went didn' I watched the clock to see if I got another one soon. At 4:05 I got another one. I was sure this was a contraction so I woke Manase up and told him I thought I might be in labor. In his true fashion...he mumbled something and turned over and went back to sleep. (lol) I went to the bathroom to see if I was bleeding, check. Knowing how fast Semisi's labor was (roughly 6 hours) I knew this one would probably be faster so I didn't bother waiting an hour to make sure I was in labor. I woke up my mom, took a shower, and got ready to head to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital and got checked in. I guess the nurses didn't think I was in very intense labor because I was all smiles and didn't appear to be in much pain(which I WAS) so they took their time coming in to check me. I was SET on getting an epidural so I was kinda hoping they would hurry before it was too late to get one. Even my mom was saying "hopefully we dont get sent home." to which I replied "Nope, I know my body. I don't have false labor...I don't get sent home." After waiting ten minutes for the nurse to come in and get me hooked up(which felt like an eternity!!) the finally checked me and I was 7 1/2cm dialated already. I knew it! Surprised, they said I didn't LOOK like i was in that much pain. I don't know, maybe I hide it well, but I felt like I was dying. I think people are thrown off because for me, the contractions bring such an intense pain for those couple minutes, that in between...I'm in a really good mood just because I'm not in that pain. I was carrying on conversations and laughing and smiling, then I just dug my head into the pillow with each contraction.

So after seeing how quickly I was progressing four more nurses rushed in to help me get set up. The Dr came in around 530 to see that I was dialated to 8 already. He broke my water and ordered my epidural. With Semisi, the anesthesiologist was late due to being in the OR so they gave me a shot to help curb the pain. So when I received my epidural this time, it hurt a little more than I remembered but it was worth it! I was in heaven after that. I totally respect women who want to and do deliver their babies naturally...more power to ya. I wish I had the stamina to do it...but I don't. And no offense to anyone else or their opinions...but I honestly had ZERO desire to try it naturally. My mom kept saying..."you could handle it to could have done it without the meds" but again...i have no desire to try. Just like I have no desire to have a root canal without meds. I trust todays technology and I trust that the DR would not put anything in my body that would hurt me or the baby. I loved it...I wasn't "drugged up" or "groggy" when she came most people try to say you will be if you get meds. I was completely conscious of everything going on just without the pain. It might not work for everyone..but it worked for me.

Anyway...sorry for the rant...the next hour was great. I was fully dialaterd by 6:40 ish so the DR decided we should try pushing. I pushed through one contraction(about two long 10 second pushes) and voila! She was here!

Leila Lata 'i Lomoloma Tonga arrived at 6:46am on the morning of September 14, 2009. She weighed in at 7lbs 1oz (a wee little baby) and 19 1/2 inches long. She had a head FULL of hair and some healthy lungs. The nurse who was cleaning her was so put off by her screams that she stepped back and said "I don't know what I did to make her so mad!" She had a temper from the get go. Semisi was in the waiting room with Duke so we brought him in to meet her right away. He has a teddy bear who he cuddles so, thinking she was a doll, he insisted on hugging her and kissing her. It was so adorable.

We named her Leila Lata 'i Lomoloma after Manase's cousin who passed away in early 2006. We wanted to honor Leila's mother, Manase's aunt Mele who was the only member of Manase's family to attend our wedding. She is such a kind, humble woman who will always hold a very special place in my heart. I want Leila to grow up very close to this woman and follow her example.

Leila and I were in the hospital two nights and came home on Wednesday morning. On Monday, I noticed that Semisi felt a little warm so they went home. That night, my mom says he had a fever of 103 that would not break until morning. He had a fever all week that week, and we had many visits to the Dr. Turns out he had Bronchilitis and his molars were coming in and an ingrown toenail(causing great discomfort) and a bugbite that had contracted something called Merza(a type of staff infection that is very stubborn and almost impossible to treat). WOW! Poor kid. All that AND his mommy is carrying around another baby when he needed to be baby'd more than ever. Thank goodness my mom was here to help with him.

Today she is 3 weeks old and has brought so much more love into our home. Semisi for the most part loves his little sister so much. He knows her name and runs over to kiss her whenever she cries. We haven't seen too much of the jealousy but I think that's because he still gets most of my attention what with Leila sleeping most of the day. Im interested to see how it goes when she starts demanding attention. She's such a good baby and eats nonstop! She does get easily annoyed by her loud brother...but thats to be expected.

So far I'm handling the load better than I thought I would. Manase is gone 12-13 hours a day so it's mostly me and the kids...but my sister Anu and her bf Vaea help so much. Anu sleeps with Semisi when Manase goes away on the weekends, and Vaea takes him to the park and plays with him all the time. I love being a mother of two. I'm so excited to see more and more of Leila's personality and the bond they begin to grow through the years.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Baby Turns 1!

Manase and I didn't really want to do a HUGE party for Semisi's we figured a small bbq with our immediate families and friends would suffice...needless to say...with Semisi beig the first grandchild on one side and the first grandson on the other...the grandparents went all out for this one. To make a long story short...we had fun day filled with friends and family and good food!!

Unfortunately, I didn't realize until AFTER the party was over that maybe I should have taken some pictures BEFORE the guests got there, at least for posterity's sake.

We went with the Thomas the Train was kind of random but we mostly picked it because of the colors and ended up loving it because there were endless amounts of Thomas themed party ideas!

For the center pieces we made a railroad going down the center of the tables with black construction paper. My mom got a bunch of different toy trains to place on the tracks and we had LOTS of balloons weighed down by paper bags with pictures of Semisi on them.

The favors matched the invites which my mom and I made by hand (she's a stampin up fan). The boys' matched the party...but the girls' favors were pink...but I couldn't resist deviating from my theme...those purses were adorable!! And really easy to make.

The cake was from my NEW FAVORITE BAKERY. It's called The Sweet Tooth Fairy and it's on University Ave across from Provo Towne Center right next to Quilted Bear. If you ever have a sweets craving...I HIGHLY recommend their cupcakes...especially the toasted coconut and strawberry shortcake(the frosting tastes like real strawberries!) and the black and white..I guess they're ALL delicious! haha

AGAIN, I wish I had taken more pictures of all the hard work we put into it...but it's okay. It was definitely a success and we made so many memories! Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate our little man's first year. We are so blessed with such great and supportive family and friends!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Slow Down!

I was looking through the pictures on our computer today...trying to brainstorm for Father's Day gift ideas...and I found myself getting choked up at how much has happened in this past year. Semisi will be a year old at the end of next month...and thinking about being pregnant last year with just Manase and I in the house, it seems like eternities ago! It's so hard to remember life before this little ball of fat consumed it...much less imagining life without him! Some days I wish he would just stop growing and freeze just the way he is...

1 day old
1 month
2 months
3 months
4 months
5 months6 months
7 months
8 months
9 months
10 months

Monday, June 15, 2009

Graduation time!

These past couple weeks have been really busy for our family...I guess not THAT busy...but busier than usual. The last weekend of May both my brother Duke and Manase's brother Sifa were graduating from high school so we had to split up. Manase went to the bay and Semisi and I went to So Cal. It was kind of sad that we couldn't all make it to either one but we did what we could. Duke ended up having a rugby tournament in the Bay that weekend so my mom and I drove up with Semisi to watch Duke and to give Manase's family a chance to see Semisi. I was supposed to come home from there with Manase but the baby and I ended up driving back to LA with my mom because I had to work on some things for Semisi's 1st Birthday.

My mom has been totally into Stampin Up! lately so she thought we should make the invitations for the party with all the stuff she's collected over the last couple months. So we picked out some paper and stamps...and I must say, for someone who's never made anything by hand...I'm rather proud of what we did! I'd give you all a preview but you can just wait until you one in the mail. :)

We got home last Monday only for Semisi to come down with a fever of 104 that refused to come down. So we had to take him to the ER(after reading Mary's blog about Kina, I was PARANOID the same would happen to him). It turned out it was due to a bug bite that got infected so with the help of antibiotics, he's back to his old tricks again. :)

Now I'm just trying to look around for a bakery that would make cute cakes for the if anyone has suggestions it would help a ton. Manase is working at Nu Skin until fall camp so Semisi and I are just hanging out together trying to get ready for his little sister's arrival. He's started this new habit of sleeping in everyday..which makes his pregnant mommy VERY happy. But when I say sleeping in, I'm talking until about noon! Or like today, he woke up around 11, ate a bottle and went right back to sleep until almost 3! Should I be worried? I woke him up the other day because I figured that this much sleep can't be healthy, but he just screamed until I finally let him go back to sleep. Oh well, it may be a phase...or he could just be his Mother's son...haha

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I just wanted to wish all those mommy's out there a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! This was my first Mom's day and I was pretty much a blubbering fool all day long. I'm glad that in our deteriorating society we still take time out of the year to acknowledge Mothers and their impact not only on our own lives, but in the world. My mom was in Aussie for the holiday but I had alot of time to reflect on her, and my Grandmothers. I am so grateful for the mothers in my life, and I know it is truly a calling set apart for us by our Heavenly Father. It really is the only way we could ever know unconditional love. So here's to all those mommy's out there, thanks for everything you do! It takes an amazing woman to be a Mom.

Here's a quote I stole from Jenny's page that really hit me hard...

"You rock a sobbing child without wondering if today’s world is passing you by, because you know you hold tomorrow tightly in your arms."
–Neal A. Maxwell

Happy Mother's Day!

Our Late Bloomer

So Semisi seems to have been a little bit of a late bloomer, but we just think it's because he has a lot of weight to carry around(about 30 pounds worth). He's just learned to crawl, or scoot rather, and just BARELY got his first tooth...immediately followed by his second tooth. Oh well, better late than never! I don't mind if he takes a while to learn to walk, I'm not ready to chase him around yet. He's gonna be hell on wheels, I know it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hawaii Nei

There's nothing like a spontaneous vacation right? So Semisi had been in California visiting my parents for about a week and so I had to go pick him up. When I got there, my Dad said he had found a killer airfare to Hawaii so he booked a ticket...I asked when and how much...and to make a long story short...I bought two tickets to Hawaii that left four days later...and at an UNHEARD of price.

Semisi and I left from LA on Tuesday April 28th with my Dad, Jared, Kristen and their two girls. Manase still had finals until Wednesday so he finished his last one Wed morning, hopped on a flight to LA, took his flight from LA early Thursday morning, lay over in SLC, and then finally landed in Honolulu. (That was the cheapest flight we could find for thursday)

We spent a whole RELAXING week in Hawaii and I think it was worth every penny! Our next baby will be coming soon so it was nice to have our own getaway with Semisi while he's still the only child. Also, it's been a very stressful semester for our little family...actually the whole past year has been hectic, so it felt awesome to celebrate the end of the semester and Manase's going back to BYU.

Manase hadn't been to HI since he was young, so I had fun showing him around where I grew up. We visited my parents' house in Mililani...and tried to convince him that maybe one day we could live there...I think he likes the idea. We visited my school, my favorite beaches that I spent the majority of my younger years at, and we even did the whole PCC thing.

The3 little babies at Kapiolani park for May Day

Cruising Waikiki. He would go crazy when the wind would blow on his face.

Daddy and Semisi playing in front of China Man's Hat

Me and my baby at Sand Island Beach with Diamond Head in the background.

So now it's back to Utah, the summer, and getting ready for our newest Tonga.

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's a girl!!

So I completely procrastinated going to the doctor with this pregnancy...mostly due to my denial. When I finally decided it was time, we heard the baby's heartbeat at that first appointment. I'm sure that other mothers of multiple children can relate when I say that I never thought anyone could ever come close to how much I love Semisi...but this was love at first thump! We had our ultrasound last week and found out we're having a BABY GIRL!! I'm sooooo excited! I was worried because I felt like Semisi didn't get enough time being the special only child, but this makes me happy because he'll still be my little prince, and we're just adding a little princess to the bunch! I have two nieces who I ADORE, girls are so much fun, so I'm so psyched for our little girl to get here.
I'm just so much more excited about everything we've experienced so far in this pregnancy. I think that with Semisi it was all new and fast and I didn't quite know how to take it all in. But now that we've seen him go from the weird alien kicks to the fatty he is now...we can see well into her future and we know what to expect. The ability to create life truly is one of the best blessings Heavenly Father could share with us...Good news! I JUST found our camera charger in a suitcase that was packed away, so I should be updating a little more often, now that I'll have pictures and videos to upload. I don't have any now, because Semisi is in California with his grandparents...but I'll be sure to post more often! Sorry...I'm such a slacker, I know! I'll be better I promise.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lose's Wedding/A Time for change

A couple of weeks ago my cousin Losehina got married in the Mesa, AZ temple. Anuanu and I were in her line so we went down a week early to help her get everything together. Lose is my first cousin. Our mother's are sisters so we've been close all our lives. It was so much fun to see my cousin get married in the temple and to see her so happy! I have TONS of first cousins on my mom's side(like most polynesians, I'm sure) and most of them are girls, so there's never a dull moment when we all get together. Here's a couple pictures from the wedding.

Stuart and Losehina Aetonu

Lose with her bridesmaids

Lose's older sister Finau passed away back in 2001 at the age of 17. She was my closest friend and cousin. So we decided to visit her grave with the wedding party to take pictures. It really was bittersweet for all of us.

Anuanu and me with our nieces Meleseini and Sala and our nephew Sekope.

My sisters

My family just missing Jared(man, I guess I really am short right? hahaha)

So as you might be able to see from the pictures, I also decided to chop my hair off. A couple nights before I left to AZ I had what I like to refer to as a "Revelation" that I needed to cut my hair. I had taken my hair down to braid when I was watching Semisi one night and he looked at me like I was a stranger! He was fascinated by this new and exciting substance that had suddenly sprouted from my head. He was touching it and laughing as if he'd never seen hair before! At least not on me. And then the thought occurred to me that I had pretty much had my hair in a bun since the day he was born. That was when I decided that I would chop it off. I figured if I cut it short enough to where I couldn't manage a bun, that I would make more of an effort to actually style it. And being short it would be alot EASIER to style. So I did it. It's never been this short in my life, but I figure it's just hair; it'll grow back right? And I feel like I look a little more like a mom and more my age. I like it. I might even think about going a little shorter...gasp...maybe not. haha