Thursday, November 20, 2008

A letter from Manase

Mary gave an awesome lesson in Relief Society a couple weeks ago about how to strengthen our marriages as well as other relationships. It was about the letters that Joseph Smith would write to Emma while he was away on business. She read a cute little letter that Wayne had written her while they were dating...and then Ula posted a letter of her own...and then tagged me to do the same. I don't have very much evidence of Manase expressing his feelings on paper because my husband, like may others I'm sure, isn't the best at saying how he feels. So I tend to cherish the rare moments where he actually does try to express something. This card is from Valentine's Day of this year when I was still pregnant...

Get's a little lengthy...hahaha

The card says:
For my Wife, My Friend, My Love...
I want to thank you
for everything you are to me...
and let you know
the I love the life we share.

Happy Valentine's Day

Okay so the card was a little generic...but what he wrote is the cute part.

Happy Birthday!!
So here is what happened. I was in Biology and I couldn't stop thinking about you (as always) so this thought came into my mind..."What kind of man do I want to be?" After thousands of examples I came to this conclusion --->>

I want to be the man of your dreams,
So irresistible like crack to a fiend.
Your Brad Pitt, Your Edward Cullen, your manliest man,

The one who can melt in the palm of your hand.
The one that you elbow, punch, and bite,

Who will make your saimini in the middle of the night.
The one who will lay with you 'til you wake up,
Who frustrates you, fights with you just to make up.
I want to shout out "I LOVE YOU!" when on TV,
So I throw up the "L" after every TD.
I can't begin to express how much you mean to me,
You're the greatest blessing that I've ever received.
So I thank you and I love you for letting me
Be the kind of man I want to be.


Who would have thought?...Manase the poet! hahaha He's so cute..I have another little excerpt from when we were dating. It's one of my favorites so I just wanted to include it as well...

If my love for you was like a football,
I'd never let you go.
I'll hold you tightly in my arms
And to the endzone we will go.
If, God forbid, I lose you,
lets just hope that not how it ends,
I'll fight, I'll scream do all I can
To get you back into MY hands!

I thought that poem was adorable! He'll probably kill me when he finds out I posted these but oh well.

I am a big fan of writing letters and keeping journals. We live in an age with so much technology that no one ever really takes the time to sit down and write a note to someone...even if it's just to show appreciation. There's nothing I love more than a "just because" note or gift. It's a nice reminder that someone was thinking of you. I love the idea of expressing your love, gratitude, thoughts, etc not because it's a birthday or holiday...but just because you were thinking of them. you have a letter, note, experience, card you would like to share?? It can be regarding your Husband, child, anyone!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

6 Random Facts (tagged by Kristen)

1. Link this post to the person who tagged you: My SIL Kristen!
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1. I can nearly quote, word-for-word, the entire length of the movies "Dumb and Dumber" and "Ace Ventura" and "The Little Mermaid"
2. I absolutely LOVE to sing and play piano...just not in public...or in front of people I don't know.
3. I played the Clarinet for two years in Middle School.
4. I, like kristen, have what she calls a "tender heart" family more lovingly termed me the "emotional wreck" of our family. lol I think I literally cry on cue, which was the source of much entertainment for my brother growing up(he got a kick out of teasing me) and grief and embarrassment for me. Whenever we would have "intense" conversations in my family, I would start crying and everyone would get mad at me for crying and I would get SO FRUSTRATED because I couldn't control it and my nose turns Rudolph red! Every emotion I experience seems to be expressed through tears. haha
5. My little brother and sisters grew up on Barney...and I would watch the show with I know pretty much EVERY Barney song from 95-2000 by heart! And I often enjoy singing them too..hahaha
6. I worked backstage at the American Music Awards when I was 16-18. And I've met and rubbed elbows with pretty much every music celebrity you can name. (or atleast that was around in 2001, 2002, and 2003.)

And I tag: Ula, Mary, Line, Ipo, Vika, and Kassie

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Anuanu's 20th birthday

Anuanu's birthday was yesterday but we had a couple days of celebration for her conclusion of her teen years and the dawn of her twenties! First off, my dad had a business trip to Idaho falls but he opted to fly into SLC to spend one night with us before driving up to Idaho. On Saturday night we all went out to Benihana's, and as usual the food was awesome!

Yesterday for her birthday, being the poor struggling college students that we are, we opted to just go eat at Beto's or Rancherito's I guess, followed by a round of pool(Anuanu, Manase, and my favorite past time these days). We ended up just talking story after we ate for a couple of hours so we never made it to the poolhall. When we got home, I baked Anuanu a cake and we had way more fun than anyone our age should have decorating a birthday cake. hahaha

For those of you who aren't familiar with Anuanu, she's my sister. I am 4 years her senior, believe it or not, but she's more like my best friend. I think she's a couple years mature for her age and I'm a couple years behind, so our minds meet somewhere in the middle. hahaha. She's been living with Manase and I since we were married, and I guess now we're more living with her than she is with us. I absolutely adore her! We're alike in so many ways, yet exact opposites in other ways. She truly is beautiful inside and out and I would do anything for her. it's so amazing to have a sister and a best friend in one! *Happy Birthday Anuanu! I love you to death! Here's to many more sleepless night full of talking story, tears, and laughter. :D


As I had mentioned in the last post, we went to Salt Lake on Halloween to go Trick-or-treating with the Amasio's. It was so much fun! The kids had the CUTEST little costumes and we got plenty of candy. I really enjoyed getting a chance to walk around outside and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. It was about 75 degrees well after dark! Which is unheard of in Utah the last day of October. So it wasn't too cold for Semisi to tag along with the kids. We always enjoy some quality time with the Amasio's!

Solomone and Semisi

Milika(10 mos) and Semisi(3 mos)

Milika, Lolohea, Sina, Solomone, and Semisi