Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Slow Down!

I was looking through the pictures on our computer today...trying to brainstorm for Father's Day gift ideas...and I found myself getting choked up at how much has happened in this past year. Semisi will be a year old at the end of next month...and thinking about being pregnant last year with just Manase and I in the house, it seems like eternities ago! It's so hard to remember life before this little ball of fat consumed it...much less imagining life without him! Some days I wish he would just stop growing and freeze just the way he is...

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Graduation time!

These past couple weeks have been really busy for our family...I guess not THAT busy...but busier than usual. The last weekend of May both my brother Duke and Manase's brother Sifa were graduating from high school so we had to split up. Manase went to the bay and Semisi and I went to So Cal. It was kind of sad that we couldn't all make it to either one but we did what we could. Duke ended up having a rugby tournament in the Bay that weekend so my mom and I drove up with Semisi to watch Duke and to give Manase's family a chance to see Semisi. I was supposed to come home from there with Manase but the baby and I ended up driving back to LA with my mom because I had to work on some things for Semisi's 1st Birthday.

My mom has been totally into Stampin Up! lately so she thought we should make the invitations for the party with all the stuff she's collected over the last couple months. So we picked out some paper and stamps...and I must say, for someone who's never made anything by hand...I'm rather proud of what we did! I'd give you all a preview but you can just wait until you one in the mail. :)

We got home last Monday only for Semisi to come down with a fever of 104 that refused to come down. So we had to take him to the ER(after reading Mary's blog about Kina, I was PARANOID the same would happen to him). It turned out it was due to a bug bite that got infected so with the help of antibiotics, he's back to his old tricks again. :)

Now I'm just trying to look around for a bakery that would make cute cakes for the if anyone has suggestions it would help a ton. Manase is working at Nu Skin until fall camp so Semisi and I are just hanging out together trying to get ready for his little sister's arrival. He's started this new habit of sleeping in everyday..which makes his pregnant mommy VERY happy. But when I say sleeping in, I'm talking until about noon! Or like today, he woke up around 11, ate a bottle and went right back to sleep until almost 3! Should I be worried? I woke him up the other day because I figured that this much sleep can't be healthy, but he just screamed until I finally let him go back to sleep. Oh well, it may be a phase...or he could just be his Mother's son...haha