Thursday, October 30, 2008

Photo shoots

So Anuanu just got around to uploading some of the pictures we had on camera along with a little photo shoot she had with Semisi last night. I though I would post some. I still haven't quite figured out how this site works...I guess I'll just have to explore it a little bit more. All smiles!!

Chunky legs

In his Pimp hat


Semisi turned 3 months yesterday and although those months have seemed to have gone by so fast, it's hard to remember what life was like before we had him! He's growing so much everyday. Now he laughs and talks(or tries, rather) when you talk to him. Sometimes we'll be having a conversation and he'll try to talk over us. I think we may have a little chatter box on our hands here. My parents say he got that from me, I have no idea what they're talking about...anyone who knows me knows I'm EXTREMELY shy. ;) He's such a good little baby. He's just started sleeping through the night, which is about 12am-6am but some nights he'll sleep up to twelve hours! I LOVE him on those nights...hahaha. He eats A TON and it's getting a little costly keeping up with him, but I guess he's just a growing boy!

Manase works 7am-3:30pm while I'm at home with Semisi and then I work from 5pm-10pm so the boys can spend time together. Manase offered to get a second job but I feel it's really important for Manase to have time to bond with Semisi. Besides, I enjoy the time out of the house and the opportunity I get to interact with other adults. Every Satur day Semisi and Manase get comfy in front of the TV for the BYU games. It's so adorable. He actually sits through the entire game! It's going to be so much fun taking him to the games next year for Manase's senior season.

Halloween is tomorrow and Semisi is going to be a Monster. I'm thinking about taking him to Salt Lake to go trick or treating with Lloyd's kids. We'll see. I should probably call Kristi first...haha...

Like I mentioned, Semisi is growing like a weed! And everytime I have to pack clothes away t hat he's outgrown, there's a little part of me that gets really sad. I may sound like a crazy person, but I can't wait to have another one!! I WON'T, for obvious reasons, but I have a feeling I'm gonna end up having a HUGE family. But I have no issue waiting at least a year, I've seen what it can be like having them too close together (thanks to Jared and Kristen). But we're already planning out when we'll start trying for the next little chunker.

Other than that, we're just preparing for the winter ahead. Semisi is well prepared, thanks to Grandma!! She bought all the winter clothes he'll need so hopefully he doesn't grow TOO MUCH before the winter ends.

Other news, last Saturday Anuanu, Manase, and I went to a concert to support our good friends Pati and Junior Maile and the Qoro twins. They sang at a benefit concert. Semisi spent some time with Aunty Nia and Uncle Vili. It was so much fun! The guys sang some great songs and Vaea was such an AWESOME bass player! lol.

Pati and his FAVORITE back-up singers

An Oldie picture re-enacted

Welcome to Fiji!

Life is incredible with our little family!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New to this...

So I've known about this blogspot thing for a while but I never really felt like I knew enough people to really go through the trouble of making one for myself. I recently discovered that my sisters-in-law both have one so I thought that might be enough close contacts to at least try starting a page of my own...then I can add other people I know. And then last night I wa just browsing through a bunch of people's pages and found that I actually know quite a few people who have a blogspot page! So here we are. Let's see...I'll just skip the intros and start from now...

We had Semisi's blessing this past weekend and it went wonderfully! Manase's parents and sister managed to make it out, but his brothers got stuck in California, unable to catch a flight. We missed them, but I know it was killing them too that they couldn't be here for the get together. My whole family came down except for Kristen and Sinalei and we missed them SOOOO much! But it's okay, maybe next time. Lani, Sarah, and Chloe, along with Lilio and Sina made the LOOOONG trek from California for the occasion as well. We were so glad to see them.

We started out with a kai on Saturday which was so fun after quite a bit of stress that I won't even begin to go into. There was plenty of food and everyone had plenty to eat. I really enjoyed having both of our families there for Semisi. I'm so grateful to my family as well as Manase's for everything they have done for our son. We really do have the best of both worlds. Manase's family bought the little white tuxedo and brought the BEAUTIFUL hand-made kahoa for him to wear.

Manase did an awesome job blessing Semisi. After church we had another eating courtesy of my favorite chef in all the dad!! He rules...he seriously cooked a five course meal all by himself! I swear, it was equivalent to how much we usually have for thanksgiving. I love my dad to death...and just cuz I'm so grateful to him...i might call Semisi by his first name "Michael" every once in a while. :)

After we finished eating, we all let our food sit for awhile before heading over to Salt Lake to catch Lilio and Tali's homecoming fireside. In true Amasio fashion, we showed up just as they were announcing the closing prayer...just in time to mingle and then But it was nice seeing all of our family.

The worst part about having big family get-togethers is seeing them all leave. Especially in our little condo. It gets so crowded and busy around here when my family comes into town, and then when they leave it feels like Ghosttown around here with just the three of us. Anyway, I'm already making plans for the next time I get to see the family again...Thanksgiving!! I had to stay here in Utah last year for Thanksgiving and being the first one I experienced away from my family and my Dad's put it lightly...I was MISERABLE. But until then, I'll just have to spend hours perusing through pictures of them...especially my ADORABLE NIECES who I miss way too much.

a couple more memories from the weekend.All my family!Semisi with Grandma and PapaI love my sisters!!Lolohea si'i, Anuanu, Sarah, me
Wow....I have nothing to say...the picture says it