Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Semisi had a photo shoot with his cousins Sela and Sinalei. He seemes to be the only one of the three who wanted to cooperate so we got some really good pictures of him. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Picking out a Tree

Hangin' with Uncle Duke
My niece Sinalei
Picking out a tree!
Mom and Son
My niece Princess Sela
With Grandma
Semisi playing with his cousin Sinalei

My family has a tradition of going to the tree farm the day after Thanksgiving. We pick out a tree and come back later to pick it up. While we were home we got to go to the tree farm with family. I guess they had picked out the tree earlier so we just went with them to pick it up. We cleaned it and decorated it. It was fun family time!

Family Photos

Grandpa Michael and Michael Semisi

hey...better late than never!! In my defense, all the pictures from the weekend are on my parents' computer in OC and I can't post a blog about family pictures without the family pictures! So obviously we went to my parents' place in Southern California for the holiday. It was good fun, Dad's home cooking is still my favorite! We took the long drive down there for the holiday and my mom had also scheduled our family portraits...which we were all completely depressed by, considering the CONSIDERABLE weight gain on the part of at least half the members of our family. Let's just say that our last family portrait was 3 grandkids, 2 spouses, 6 years, and ??? pounds ago! I think it's obvious that I personally preferred we airbrush the spouses and babies into the old "skinny" pictures. lol So here they are...and I WOULD post the last portrait...but then the difference would be even more obvious! no way here goes..don't be too cruel.

Our Little Family

My Rogers Family

Our Entire Family!

The Rogers' Girls

The Rogers' Guys

Grandparents and Grandbabies

My brother Jared, his wife Kristen, and Sela and Sinalei
So as usual, being home with my family was too short...and I miss them too much! I can't wait until we move back home..or until Jared and the girls move here to Utah in June. We're way too dependent on each other. hahaha Growing up, we were just a little sheltered. I have nothing but incredible memories with my brothers and sisters growing up. We're all super ridiculous homebodies but it's nice that we all have that in common, I guess. Growing up, the only friends we were allowed to play with at home were each other. I hated it then, but I love it now. We're all best friends and spend most of our time together sitting at home and laughing our tails off! I have more inside jokes with my siblings than all of my friends combined. Love 'em!