Friday, March 27, 2009

Lose's Wedding/A Time for change

A couple of weeks ago my cousin Losehina got married in the Mesa, AZ temple. Anuanu and I were in her line so we went down a week early to help her get everything together. Lose is my first cousin. Our mother's are sisters so we've been close all our lives. It was so much fun to see my cousin get married in the temple and to see her so happy! I have TONS of first cousins on my mom's side(like most polynesians, I'm sure) and most of them are girls, so there's never a dull moment when we all get together. Here's a couple pictures from the wedding.

Stuart and Losehina Aetonu

Lose with her bridesmaids

Lose's older sister Finau passed away back in 2001 at the age of 17. She was my closest friend and cousin. So we decided to visit her grave with the wedding party to take pictures. It really was bittersweet for all of us.

Anuanu and me with our nieces Meleseini and Sala and our nephew Sekope.

My sisters

My family just missing Jared(man, I guess I really am short right? hahaha)

So as you might be able to see from the pictures, I also decided to chop my hair off. A couple nights before I left to AZ I had what I like to refer to as a "Revelation" that I needed to cut my hair. I had taken my hair down to braid when I was watching Semisi one night and he looked at me like I was a stranger! He was fascinated by this new and exciting substance that had suddenly sprouted from my head. He was touching it and laughing as if he'd never seen hair before! At least not on me. And then the thought occurred to me that I had pretty much had my hair in a bun since the day he was born. That was when I decided that I would chop it off. I figured if I cut it short enough to where I couldn't manage a bun, that I would make more of an effort to actually style it. And being short it would be alot EASIER to style. So I did it. It's never been this short in my life, but I figure it's just hair; it'll grow back right? And I feel like I look a little more like a mom and more my age. I like it. I might even think about going a little shorter...gasp...maybe not. haha

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Funny Valentine/ Happy Birthday to Me!

So every year as February rolls around most are reminded of the festivities of Valentine's day that are looming just around the corner. Most women look forward to it and men probably dread it. Growing up, I always wanted to be special on my birthday, February 14 and I couldn't stand that every other girl around me seemed to be just as special, or at least treated that way, on MY birthday. I hated it. As the years rolled by, I began to target my bitterness at the holiday itself. Eventually I began HATING valentine's day and every hint of it. I hated that I had to plan my birthday dinner weeks, sometimes months in advance. I hated that when we would eat out, all sorts of women around me were getting roses and candles and all I would get was an embarrassing rendition of "happy birthday" that only seemed to annoy everyone else in the room. Lately though, I've come to terms with it. I guess of all the holidays to have your birthday on, it could be worse. Lucky for my husband, that two dates in one to remember...and he actually tried to sell me the idea of getting married on February 14 just so he would only have to remember one date in all. Of course I couldn't make it that easy on we ended up getting married on July 7...7/7/ if thats not easy enough to remember right? But I've learned to love valentine's day. And if anything, it's two in one, so Manase tries to make it even that much more special. So I get twice as much on my birthday and twice as much for valentine's. I guess I'll take it. :)

So this year I turned 24(bleck). Manase woke up with Semisi so I could sleep in, which is the best present I could ask for. I LOVE my sleep. He had arranged for my sister Anu to babysit Semisi for the weekend and we packed our things and drove out to Park City. Manase had arranged for us to stay in a suite in Park City for two nights at the Yarrow Resort. When we got there we went to dinner at a yummy Italian(my fave) restaraunt on Main Street. Our room had a kitchenette so we stopped at the store and got snacks like hot chocolate and french bread, etc. The next day we went to the outlets they have out there...Manase got two new pairs of shoes from Nike(an early birthday present for him, his birthday is on the 28th) and Manase bought me a Coach purse to add to my collection and I love it!! That night we ate Sushi(my other fave) and went to a movie.

All in all I had an INCREDIBLE birthday and Valentine's. Thank goodness for my amazing sister for babysitting. I enjoyed the break but I did miss my baby Semisi way too much. I'm way too blessed...I think I must have done something right somewhere along the line to be surrounded by so much love. :)

And Semisi managed to get a present too! It was more of a present for Mommy and Daddy though...nice distraction. (sorry there aren't any pictures, I seemed to have misplaced my camera charger)