Monday, August 10, 2009

My Baby Turns 1!

Manase and I didn't really want to do a HUGE party for Semisi's we figured a small bbq with our immediate families and friends would suffice...needless to say...with Semisi beig the first grandchild on one side and the first grandson on the other...the grandparents went all out for this one. To make a long story short...we had fun day filled with friends and family and good food!!

Unfortunately, I didn't realize until AFTER the party was over that maybe I should have taken some pictures BEFORE the guests got there, at least for posterity's sake.

We went with the Thomas the Train was kind of random but we mostly picked it because of the colors and ended up loving it because there were endless amounts of Thomas themed party ideas!

For the center pieces we made a railroad going down the center of the tables with black construction paper. My mom got a bunch of different toy trains to place on the tracks and we had LOTS of balloons weighed down by paper bags with pictures of Semisi on them.

The favors matched the invites which my mom and I made by hand (she's a stampin up fan). The boys' matched the party...but the girls' favors were pink...but I couldn't resist deviating from my theme...those purses were adorable!! And really easy to make.

The cake was from my NEW FAVORITE BAKERY. It's called The Sweet Tooth Fairy and it's on University Ave across from Provo Towne Center right next to Quilted Bear. If you ever have a sweets craving...I HIGHLY recommend their cupcakes...especially the toasted coconut and strawberry shortcake(the frosting tastes like real strawberries!) and the black and white..I guess they're ALL delicious! haha

AGAIN, I wish I had taken more pictures of all the hard work we put into it...but it's okay. It was definitely a success and we made so many memories! Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate our little man's first year. We are so blessed with such great and supportive family and friends!