Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I just wanted to wish all those mommy's out there a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! This was my first Mom's day and I was pretty much a blubbering fool all day long. I'm glad that in our deteriorating society we still take time out of the year to acknowledge Mothers and their impact not only on our own lives, but in the world. My mom was in Aussie for the holiday but I had alot of time to reflect on her, and my Grandmothers. I am so grateful for the mothers in my life, and I know it is truly a calling set apart for us by our Heavenly Father. It really is the only way we could ever know unconditional love. So here's to all those mommy's out there, thanks for everything you do! It takes an amazing woman to be a Mom.

Here's a quote I stole from Jenny's page that really hit me hard...

"You rock a sobbing child without wondering if today’s world is passing you by, because you know you hold tomorrow tightly in your arms."
–Neal A. Maxwell

Happy Mother's Day!

Our Late Bloomer

So Semisi seems to have been a little bit of a late bloomer, but we just think it's because he has a lot of weight to carry around(about 30 pounds worth). He's just learned to crawl, or scoot rather, and just BARELY got his first tooth...immediately followed by his second tooth. Oh well, better late than never! I don't mind if he takes a while to learn to walk, I'm not ready to chase him around yet. He's gonna be hell on wheels, I know it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hawaii Nei

There's nothing like a spontaneous vacation right? So Semisi had been in California visiting my parents for about a week and so I had to go pick him up. When I got there, my Dad said he had found a killer airfare to Hawaii so he booked a ticket...I asked when and how much...and to make a long story short...I bought two tickets to Hawaii that left four days later...and at an UNHEARD of price.

Semisi and I left from LA on Tuesday April 28th with my Dad, Jared, Kristen and their two girls. Manase still had finals until Wednesday so he finished his last one Wed morning, hopped on a flight to LA, took his flight from LA early Thursday morning, lay over in SLC, and then finally landed in Honolulu. (That was the cheapest flight we could find for thursday)

We spent a whole RELAXING week in Hawaii and I think it was worth every penny! Our next baby will be coming soon so it was nice to have our own getaway with Semisi while he's still the only child. Also, it's been a very stressful semester for our little family...actually the whole past year has been hectic, so it felt awesome to celebrate the end of the semester and Manase's going back to BYU.

Manase hadn't been to HI since he was young, so I had fun showing him around where I grew up. We visited my parents' house in Mililani...and tried to convince him that maybe one day we could live there...I think he likes the idea. We visited my school, my favorite beaches that I spent the majority of my younger years at, and we even did the whole PCC thing.

The3 little babies at Kapiolani park for May Day

Cruising Waikiki. He would go crazy when the wind would blow on his face.

Daddy and Semisi playing in front of China Man's Hat

Me and my baby at Sand Island Beach with Diamond Head in the background.

So now it's back to Utah, the summer, and getting ready for our newest Tonga.