Thursday, October 14, 2010

What the MIA??

Missing In Action...ha...its true! IM NOT DEAD! We're Oakland...and still trying to figure out how we feel about it...well, at least I am. I'm still trying to decide if I even want to bother going over the last several months. Lets just start with the big ones which I will write blog entries for later. For now, lets just cover the bullet versions! ha

*Training camp came and went. We attended our very first NFL game on August 28th against the San Francisco 49ers...we lost :( but it was fun to watch my love live his dream...even if it was on the wrong die of the ball and the wrong

*Manase made the Raiders practice squad. I was over the proud of him!

*My Leila bugg turned 1! and we had a big ol' birthday bash combined with her cousin Micah who turns one in October.

*After way too much time apart, the kids and I finally moved to Oakland to join Daddy...

And now here we in a hotel the middle of Oakland. A foreign city, where I know like 3 least that I know well enough to call...and no friends. Thankfully I have my family, Manase's family is also up I'm getting an opportunity to get to know them a little better. I do enjoy that we are together as a family for the 1st time since May. I also LOVE the city of San Francisco. Growing up Orange County, which is known as the suburbs of LA, I've never been this close to a real life city. SanFran is just a short drive over the bay bridge and I love going there, it makes me feel like I'm in a movie or something. lol I LOVE seeing the ocean everyday, I LOVE the early 20th century architecture that is EVERYWHERE. I never really appreciated the bay area for all the beauty there is to be seen up here.

I'm not going to even talk about all the things i MISS because that will just make me cry and get me all depressed. but those people know who they are. :)

I prefer pics over words...they do say a thousand words so here we go.


Mary said...

no for reo! i was WONDERING where you were. thanks for all the updates. we miss you guys!

The Nemani Family said...

Lovin the Family QT pics Lolohea!!!

Vika said...

Congrats to your family and Manase. It's good to see your updates, Hea. You guys can always come and visit :)

Inouyes said...

Miss ya girlie we hope to make a trip out there soon to visit yall love the update and leila bug is so big and of course ADORABLE!